Monday, September 5, 2011

Homemade Sushi

After the long raya and merdeka holiday, I feel fresh and much energetic, so decided to try making sushi at home . Recently my husband is so addicted to sushi, especially the eel sushi, plus my daughter loves the maki sushi too(She doesn’t like the eel sushi, but only likes the sushi with cucumber filling; the cheapest sushi). We can easily find all ingredients necessary to make sushi in local supermarket except the eel that I have to order it from a friend whose mum is operating a small sushi shop.   The whole piece of eel (cost about RM 30) is already cooked and we just need to put in a microwave to warm it up.

Here is the picture of sushi I made: Unagi Nigiri and Maki Sushi with cucumber and egg. Not bad from the look, right? That is one thing good about home-made sushi : we can cut the eel bigger and have a mouthful of eel, compared to the little thin piece of eel when we eat at outside Japanese food shop.

At first, my daughter refused to eat the maki sushi, may be the flavor is too plain. I have done a trick by spreading the eel source (taste sweet) on top of the maki sushi, and guess what, she finished all the maki sushi I made for her. 

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  1. Looks yummy..the sushi here in US, in some of the restaurant also very good. I loved the salmon sushi here compare to malaysia..