Friday, August 19, 2011

Make Yourself Happy During Pregnancy

Today, I heard from the radio discussing about children's behaviour is closely related to the mother's emotion during pregnancy. Hm...I totally agree with this and have been sharing this important fact with many friends.

My experience comes from my 2 children, which has opposite childhood behavior; the big sister is very hot-temper, sensitive, and too afraid of stranger. She cried a lot at night and easily get sick when she was 1-2 years old, average to once a month. The little brother is just the opposite; cheerful, easy-going with stranger, more obedient and more easy to take care of.

After i had my second baby, i only realised this difference and it was linked to my emotion during the pregnancy. During the first pregnancy, my emotion is more tense due to work and family. I worked very hard and i seldom relax during my work. See, our working life makes about 70% of our life after deducting the sleeping time. Not happy at work means our life is not happy.

But, during my second pregnancy, i worked with more colleages who like to make fun everytime. The laughter, the food sharing and talks about our kids really help in relaxing the emotion. Besides, maybe we don't easily get angry while we get older. And there i got a happy and funny son.

Although those activities like listening to slow music, talk to your baby during the pregnancy may help a little, but i strongly believe the pregnancy emotion plays the bigger role.

So, mom-to-be, remember to make yourself HAPPY during the PREGNANCY so you will have a happy and healthy baby.

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