Monday, June 18, 2012



迈进三岁的宏缙,开始不听话了,我行我素,喜欢做的东西不给就大哭,我想这就是叛逆期了。常爱拿扫把当刀枪, 挥来挥去,我们要他收起,他当耳边风, 什么东西都要自己做,自己冲凉,自己吃饭,昨天看我帮他姐姐挖耳朵,他竟然说他要帮姐姐挖,可见他觉得自己的能力范围还蛮大的。当我看着他拿花洒自己冲凉的那一刹那,小小的身躯,水都不能准确的喷到头发,心想这孩子开始要独立自主了。

看了专家写关于三岁的自我意识,用哭来引人注意,还说没有叛逆期的孩子不正常, 因为会比较没有意志力,(暗暗自喜),只要做妈妈的细心引导, 孩子是会安然度过这过度期的,难免宽心了点。




Saturday, June 16, 2012

Kuala Lumpur trip

Recently during the mid school holiday, we brought our kids to Kuala Lumpur, a long trip i consider because they have never leave home for such a long time - 4 days.

We first brought them to KLCC, to see the beautiful Malaysian-pround Twin Tower. They first "wah" and excited when seeing so many sky-rocketed buildings. Later, for some reason it seem bored for them already(maybe due to long hours sitting in the car, because their father didn't know the direction well). We visited the Aquaria in KLCC, which i think not bad to visit, the most giant view is the long tunnel where we saw 2 big sharks, monster fish(魔鬼鱼), tortoise and many other unknown fishes.

Giant monster fish...just realize the body's bottom looks like a smiling face!

Very hungry Pirana fish, leave only bones!
A giant cylinder aquarium.... magnificent view!

"What is that fish, mommy?"......A fantastic experience for the lttle one!太多鱼了,真是目不暇给!

A family photo in front of big fake shark.

The next day and the following days, we were out of ideas of where to bring them to. So, we brought them to The Mines to have the expensive boat rides(~RM 25 per adult for 20 minutes), to feed fishes(this was the most happy moment for kids).

Boat rides at "The Mines"...凉风阵阵,蛮不错啦。

Ice-cream time!

While hanging out at "The Garden", kids were attracted to the beautiful water fountain.

Finally at the last night we stayed in K.L., the tired little Hong Jin begged us to go home. When we asked him whose "home" to go to, he said " Hong Jin's home". Although we have wonderful time during the trip, still the most comfortable place is our home. "Home Sweet Home", even to the little one.