Thursday, September 22, 2011

Both Kids Are Sick With Food Poisoning

Last Saturday morning, my daughter was down with high fever and vomiting after every eating/drinking. The doctor diagnosed her with food poisoning and gave her the medicine for fever, vomiting and reduce air in the stomach, luckily there is no need of antibiotic because it is caused by virus most probably. The situation seems okay in the evening and she asked for many foods to eat after a day of fasting because of the feel of vomiting. Her serious high fever come back again in the first night and finally recovered on the second day’s evening.

And yesterday, my son also began to show the same symptom, perhaps being spread from his sister. He has mild fever, tired and also vomited everything he ate/drank (about 4 times in a night). So, I have no choice to give him some of the anti-vomiting medicine that the doctor subscribed to his sister but at lower dosage. The funny thing is this little fella likes to drink medicine, he kept asking for more medicine ..."I want, I want". Unlike his sister, we need to pursuade with both soft and hard methods to have her drink the medicine. After like 20 minutes, I gave him about 4 ounces of milk (he drinks 6 ounces normally) and he vomited lightly after that. I felt more relief because he can begin to take some fluids after the medicine.  We need to keep close monitor of his situation then.

Important thing to remember when kids have this situation is to keep them hydrated with plenty of fluids especially if with diarrhea and introduce drinks/food slowly so that their stomach can adjust to the food intake. If they have high fever, put a wet towel on their forehead to quickly dissipate the heat.

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