Monday, October 10, 2011

Having fun at Dino Trek

If your children love dinosaurs, why don’t bring them to the Dino Trek at the Bukit Mertajam’s Jusco Mall, Penang. We just brought our kids there last weekend and they were having great fun there. The admission fee for children is only RM 3.00 per person and for adult, if I remember correctly is RM 8.00 per person.

The owner, PETRONAS might invest much in this Dino Trek to make the dinosaurs so real and “alive”. I love the dinosaur’s egg parts which the eggs hatch and dinosaur babies came out. They looked so cute and they said the dinosaurs parent also take good care of their babies.   

My little son was a bit scared at first because of the giant size of the dinosaurs. But he and his sister enjoyed most at the dinosaur’s fossil finding sump. The big sister said it is like playing sand at the beach but with “air-conditioner on”; didn’t understand much about fossil finding actually.

There are also some games there for bigger kids, like gun shooting dinosaurs, running with dinosaurs and educational stuffs about dinosaurs.  
The giant moves lively.

My favorite part :the dinosaur eggs and babies.

Jin Hui actions...shooting dinosaurs

The kids favorite...fossil finding or playing sand?