Monday, October 8, 2012

Being Princess ....On Her Own

My girl, took part in her school's costume competition last 2 week. I was in China that time and not able to help her to dress up and make up. Luckily her friend's mother helped her to make up, and another friend's mother snapped this nice picture for me. 

All girls dream to become princess...she is no exception. She was now brave to walk on stage and even showed some posts.

She seems to enjoy participating in those school activities now. The first Chinese poem citing, she was still too nervous to speak out, audience can't even hear her voice. But the second Chinese story telling, she told me she was brave to speak out loud. Although she is still far from winning a prize, I am proud of her because she is in the journey of gaining self-confidence.

She later told me she tight her hair nicely, put on the crown and she was so beautiful.