Thursday, September 29, 2011

Show Me Victory Sign!

One day, we taught Hong Jin to show the “Victory” sign with his finger while we took his picture. He first learned seriously, see how he looked at his finger and puzzled how to show only the index finger and middle finger but to hide the others. He laughed finally after multiple tries and he just able to show ALL FIVE fingers instead of TWO fingers.

I think we need to teach him more about this, may be this is what terms as “eye-hand coordination” which is an important skill development as toddler. He also cannot do the “THUMBS UP” sign. Haha, he will show the index finger, but not the thumbs. Never mind, my little son, you will learn one day.
1. How to hide the fingers?

2. Never mind, I am just too little to know.

3. See, at least I can show FIVE fingers!

1 comment:

  1. He's cute! kai shuen also cannot show this when we asked her how old is she, instead he show three with the middle, ring and little finger ups! :)