Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Son's First Words

My son at his 20 months begins to learn talking actively. It is a very funny stage for all toddlers. When we teach him to speak, he will follow sometimes but sometimes not, unless we seduce him with some foods. He feels funny too when he followed us to speak and will laugh together with us. Sometimes he gets shy and will close his face with his hands.

The 10 first words we taught him to speak besides the papa, mama, jie jie (sister), popo(grandma), pepe(uncle), yiyi(untie), kakak(the maid) are like below:
·         Xie xie (thank you in mandarin)
·         Hot cili (he pronounced as hot cici)
·         Magic (when he hides things under the pillow)
·         W-E-L-C-O-M-E (he pronounced as wahlah)
·         Moon (he pronounced more like mom)
·         Lamp (this he say correctly)
·         Qie (cut in mandarin)
·         Bird
·         Open
·         Mom mom(means things to eat)

See how he talked just for the "mom mom"!

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  1. haha..u bribe him to talk..interesting. I dont remember teaching my gal much words, but she seems to learn it all from my parents and her cousin...and mostly hokkien lor. Sometime i'm cracking my head to understand what she is talking about :)