Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Son's Confession

I am just a toddler, close to 2 years old. There are many things I do but adults seem don’t like it. They will give me angry faces, and I will return them with a smiley face.
·         I like to pull my sister’s hair and see her crying. Then I will pad her hair softly back to calm her down. Then I will pull again…haha, it is fun.
·         I like to play with water. I will purposely dirty my hand so I have reason to wash my hand at the water tap. Sometimes, they allow me to play longer and it will end up to be a water -splash-wholebody fun.
·         When I drink water, I like to spit the water out from my mouth. This wets the floor and my clothes. Then, I can play with the water on the floor. But when mommy is around with her finger ready to beat my mouth, I will swallow the water nicely.
·         I enjoy eating different kinds of food. When I don’t like them, I will spit out everywhere. Then, I will see many ants coming around.
·         I like to play with electric plugs and switch. It is wonderful when I switch, the light just turns on. But mommy always brings me away and told me they can shock me. What is the feeling of “shock”?
·         I am very observing. Those little things on the floor will not skip from my eyes. I will put all things into my mouth to taste even the lizard’s litter.
·         I like to take out all my clothes from my closet. It is fun to bring all out and bring all in again for a boring toddler like me.
·         I like to switch off the TV so the adults don’t just ignore me. But grandma will frighten me with rubber band to beat me and ask me to switch on back. Sometimes, I will be a good grandson and switch on for her.
·         I like to play with my sister but sometimes she doesn’t allow me to play because she says I will mess up. So, I will grab her toys and run away quickly.

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