Friday, July 1, 2011

A Journey Towards Braveness

I once brought my daughter to take part in a coloring competition, participated by kindergarden kids from around Sungai Petani area. She is not very good at coloring, but I figured that would be a good experience for her—to learn what a competition is, to brave herself to take part in a competition and to build her self-confidence.

To my surprise, there was a big crowd when we reached the competition venue; around 60 kids were taking part. My daughter started to get nervous and began crying; begging me to go home. Well, I tried to comfort her and continue the mission. And then I realized that we should bring our own table and chair(what a silly mother I am). So without a choice, I had to ask my daughter to sit on the floor and bend her body to complete her task. She felt easy later when the organizing party asked all parents to leave the area and I stood outside the area to accompany her.

I then felt amazed when she started to color independently. She seem to know that she can’t ask her mom’s opinion on what colors she should used because it was a competition. But she will turned back to look at me and I replied with smile to signal her that she was doing alright. But in the middle of the coloring section, she did a small mistake and caused a boy in the picture with invisible hands. Then, she started to feel discouraged, but she also knew she can’t start over because it was a competition.  At least, she still finished it and passed to the organizing committee for marking.

I am proud of her to brave herself to take the challenge and complete it with her natural heart. I told her it is not important whether you won the competition or not, but it is the journey you went through towards braveness and self-esteem!

Happy face at the beginning

Moody face at the end

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