Sunday, June 19, 2011

Isn't him my Funniest Baby?

Time goes fast, my second baby, Hong Jin is already 19months old. He is no doubt is happy, energetic and funny baby. He brings laughter to the family members and everyone misses his funny moves.

1) He is well-known for his reply "er" after we talked to him. So, we think he doesn't understand what we tried to tell him, and so we told him again. Then, he will "er" back until infinity.

2) His famous smile or laugh pose. See 3 pictures on top, we actually asked him to pose a smile for the photo. But he will respond with this "standard smile". Other people taught he was screaming, but he is not.

3) He likes to crimbed up on chair or even table or door, so the outcome is he got injured a lot. He will show his bruises or cut to all family members and showed us where the medicine is so we help to put on the medicine. So, a little baby like him already knows how to attract people's attention and care.

4) He can follow his sister to dance, he will bring up his hands and make turns beautifully.

He plays hide-and-seek(under the blanket, behind the curtain), he tried to feed his toys with his bottle water, he chases the neighbour's cat, he sticked to me after i reached home with his "mama, mama"(afraid i am going to leave him at home again), his many many moves and cute characters makes me feel i am so lucky to have him.

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