Thursday, June 16, 2011

How to Encourage Your Kids To Read

Since i first became a mom, a friend of mine already told me that you have to read to your kids. They can understand and memorize what you read to them even at age I figured to read some good stories to my kids.

As a working mom, I only have time to read to my kids before the sleeping time. My daughter loves the Disney Princess, so I bought her some story books like Cinderella and Little Mermaid(Remember the book must be in pretty color to attract them and the wording is big enough for them to see clearly). At beginning, she requested me to read almost every night. After couple times of reading, she can read by her own and even memorize it better than I can. Isn’t it amazing?

I have seen some parents bought a lot of books to their kids but have never read to them. For smaller kids like 3-6 years old, the reading begins from parents. Kids will be amazed by your reading tone, expressions and eventually build the reading habits because they are eager to explore the contents in books. So, begin reading to your kids from TODAY! You will soon amazed by the result!

Days after days, my daughter now knows how to create her own story. Of course, at age 6, she still cannot write well. So, I become her writer, write down what she tells and document it for her to see when she grows up. Above is the first story created by her...

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