Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Colon Cleanse with Salt Water

I have suffered from constipation after my first pregnancy. When I ate less fiber like fruits and vegetables, the problem is more severe. I am worried that the constipation which lasted for many years will turn into toxin and eventually develop a cancer. So, I am trying to search for a good remedy for cleansing my colon.  While there are many laxative medicines or enemas available in the market, I still hesitate to try on it until I recently found a safe and cheap method which can be carried out at home: just drink a lot of salt water. This sound simple and I do not think it would cause other side effect.

There are few variation of salt water cleanse methods after my research on the web. Choose a day you are free preferably weekend. One of the method I follow is to drink about 3L of salt water in the morning (preferably 6am while this is the best time for the colon detoxification), by about 500-600ml one time. You can use sea salt, but I actually used the salt we used for cooking. Mix about ½ teaspoon of salt in about 500ml of luke warm water until the salt is totally dissolved and drink it quickly (this helps the water to reach the colons but not to other organs).

After the first drink, walk around or you can do some yoga or stomach rubbing; this helps to removes the accumulated toxic waste from the colon. Remember not to bend down your body to put pressure on the stomach because this may make you throw out the salt water you drank. After about 15-20 minutes, drink again the salty water and repeat this. You may feel the bowel movement after first or second drink and may need to defecate 6-7 times.

I felt the bowel movement after the first drink because this is my usual routine. There was another flush after the second drink, which is more watery. The third one and the fourth one I had were mostly yellowish water. Since there was only water being flushed out, I only finished drinking about 2 liters of salt water.  But I also read from another source that only about 1 Liter of salt water is needed. The process completed in about an hour.

However, this method is recommended to be done once every few months. Also, the complete flushing will flush out the good bacteria in the colons as well, and so it is recommended to replenish with some probiotic supplements like yogurt. Eat lightly after the cleansing.

I definitely feel loosen up and more energetic after the cleansing.

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