Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Ah Mi Tuo Fo" by Hong Jin

Recently, Hong Jin learns to say "Ah Mi Tuo Fo"(it is a praying word for Buddhist, my mom always told us to say this when we are in confusion or difficulty). He just simply "Ah Mi Tuo Fo" here and "Ah Mi Tuo Fo" there. One day, his grandma pretended wanting to beat him up because he kept turning off the televisyen. When the grandma almost catched him, he kneed down and said "Ah Mi Tuo Fo", like asking for forgiveness. When the grandma heard this....she end up laughing instead of beating him. "How a little toddler like him understand the meaning of "Ah Mi Tuo Fo"?" She said.

His grandma then told everyone about this, sharing the joy the grandson brought to her.

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  1. he is so clever to get away from spank, haha...