Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A mother's worry of lower English in Chinese Primary School

My daughter, Jin Hui has been attending Chinese Primary School for 4 months. In Malaysia, the Chinese Primary School  means teaching and communicating in Chinese where the students are also being taught Malay and English languages but regretfully English is only taught 1 hour per week.

Basically, she likes the school, the teachers and friends and begin to like learning Chinese. Writing in Chinese was a suffer for her when she was in kindergarten because Chinese was introduced to her at a later stage after she learnt the easier English writing. I am very thankful to her teachers who are very detailing in correcting her minor Chinese writing error. I could foresee she will master Chinese language very well in the next few years.

Most of the school buildings are funded by Malaysian Chinese public,
the names of the major donators are written on the buildings.

3-storey classroom, to be shared by both morning and afternoon classes.

However, the disadvantage to send to Chinese Primary School is they are getting less chance to study English, which is undeniable important for her future life, either in higher education or working. How can I help her to be competent in English as well, especially able to speak in English loud without shy? Besides, I am quite surprise to find out how simple and easy is their Standard One English's textbook.  They are still teaching "good morning, good afternoon... and other simple single words, which they have learned well 2-3 years before in their kindergarten. They never have an English spelling while they have Chinese and Malay spelling every week. Most of the Malaysian children attended 2-3 years of preschool and already have some min. explosure on English, and i think some changes must be made on enhancing the level of the English standard, but not to debate over and over again about teaching Mathematics and Science in English. Just remember ~ children are able to learn as much as they are challenged. 

Jin Hui and her cousin in school uniform


  1. For some reason we dropby British Council few times and we saw many small kids so happily carry their bag to attend class. Maybe you can try send both of your kids to the classes during weekend. The youngest age is age 5 for the class.Then you & hubby can have a break at Gurney while waiting for them...we can catch up too :)

    1. Thanks, my daughter attended Vital Years, but now i am thinking to switch, still searching the best English class. Haha, to send to Penang is just too far, too tired for parents.