Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Exploring Grandma's Garden

My little son loves to explore his grandma's garden...almost every evening except the raining days. He learns to name the trees, the fruits, enjoying touching the plants too.

He sometimes accompanys the grandma to pick the chilli. Maybe someday he can help her grandma to plant the trees, to clear the grasses, and learn the art of growing.

Give me a SMILE before our exploration!

The delicous and juicy pineapple...even a toddler likes it!

Grandma planted this so-called"mulberry tree"
for the joy of little Hong Jin's picking.
"Youtun" tree, the leaves are believed to treat cancer.
We sometimes blended with apples to make juices.

Picking wild flowers...when asked who to give,
disappointedly not to mommy, but to throw away..! Oh! What a boy!

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