Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My son does not feel he belongs to me.

Recently Hong Jin was being asked: “Who does Hong Jin belongs to”? and he answered “Kakak”. Kakak means the Indonesian maid who takes care of him since he was born. When he was asked, “Who does your sister belongs to?” He answered “mommy lah”.

Then, we told him “Can you call your kakak Mommy since you belong to her?” He denied.  What are all the reasoning to these answers? This is the sad story for a busy working mother. For me, I always feel sorry to him since I spent less time with him, and make him feel I care his sister more than him, so his sister belongs to me, but he doesn't.  My little Hong Jin, mommy wants to let you know mommy loves you both; mommy is just too busy and tired to talk, or play with you.

The good thing is I know my maid really takes good care of him, and makes him feel safe and happy.
Luckily, deep inside him, mommy is still mommy, *<>*

Private time with  the little son

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  1. Still small la.He will understand mummy working hard just for his better future and life, no worry.