Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Tree At Home

Two days before Christmas, Jin Hui asked, “Mummy, do we celebrate Christmas?” To her little mind, Christmas is a fun festival with Christmas present ….Santa Claus …and Christmas Tree but she never has all these! Haha, but she knows Santa Claus is fake; she told me “our world does not have Santa Claus”. It is true (because she never get surprise present from Santa Claus) but not totally true.

Well, we couldn’t bring her Santa Claus, but we can surprise them with Christmas present and Christmas tree AT HOME! Yes, why not we decorate our own Christmas tree.

Being so happy with the Christmas tree!
Ta..lah…here is our little Christmas tree, just the same height as little Hong Jin. He will be busy all day picking the ornament. They are also very excited to tell everybody that we have a Christmas tree at home! I think it warmed their little hearts; at least the Christmas is something to them this year.

As expected, he cannot allow his hand not to touch.

Attention is more on the christmas tree than the camera.

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