Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Big Big Happy Birthday To My Son and Daughter

Time flies and this November is my son’s TWO years old birthday and my daughter’s SIX years old birthday. As usual we throw a party for them to invite all the family members to celebrate together. Except this time my daughter invited her own friend…yes, she has her own friends now which I am happy for her that she began to socialize.

Can't wait to go to see his birthday cake
As for my little son, the highlight is while we sang the “Happy Birthday” song in front of the birthday cake. He was so excited about this moment; sing the song, blow the candle, and then cut the cake. Before everyone began singing, he was the first one to sing out loud “Happy birthday to you” and made everyone laughing. Then, he followed everyone to sing the whole “Happy Birthday” song and impatiently waiting for our instruction to blow the candle.

Happy Birthday, my dear son and daughter, May You Two Grow Up Happily and Healthily!
Sing Out Loud "Happy Birthday To Me"!

Feel funny after seeing everyone laughed at his own singing!

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